The PTO at Highview started in 2013 and have raised over $7,000 that has gone directly back towards the school. The PTO’s first objective was to raise enough money to cover the cost of smart TV’s in every classroom. The current goal for PTO is to pay of the wonderful new playground. To date the PTO has raised $4,430 to go towards the playground fund. The total goal for the playground is $8,000. The money has come through in numerous fundraisers such as Little Debbie,Yankee Candle, Coin Race, donations, and several bake sales.

Building parent involvement is the single most important thing that parent groups do. Often, it’s the most difficult, too. And that’s too bad because there are many compelling reasons why parents—all parents—should get involved in their children’s education. If you’re having trouble building involvement, the problem might be that you’re not making the right argument. You simply need better ammunition.

Many parents know of the PTO, but they’re still on the fence about whether or not to join the organization and dedicate some amount of time to it. With many households relying on dual incomes and plenty of time spent at the office, it can seem as if there just isn’t any time to spare for involvement in this way. There are, however, plenty of reasons to join and plenty of opportunities even for the most time-constrained parents in a given school district.

Highview Christian Academy offers an invaluable link between students, school staff, teachers and families. With the help of our PTO volunteers, we are able to continue to sponsor events and provide much needed contributions to our school.

Why Join the Highview Christian Academy PTO?

• PTO offers parents the opportunity to make positive changes not only within their own children’s academic success, but throughout the school as a whole.
• Joining shows an interest in your child’s education and school activities.
• Your involvement shows support for your student’s teachers and school as well as improves the relationship between parents and school personnel.
• The PTO is truly an organization designed for parents and teachers to work together to support their local school and help make positive changes throughout the school.
• You will know what’s happening with the school and take part in planning events throughout the year.
• Last but not least, you should join the PTO here at Highview Christian Academy to Have Fun!

How Involved Do I Have To Be?

You can be as involved as you want to be!
We understand that people have very busy schedules and that time is precious. Therefore we appreciate any time you can spare. Volunteers are always needed to chair committees and work events but if you can’t find the time, we just appreciate your membership. We only ask that you join, receive email updates, and check out our website.

What does the Highview Christian Academy PTO actually do?

In addition, the many events that are hosted throughout the year, the members of our PTO help our kids and improve our school. With your continued support, we can provide Highview Christian Academy students with wonderful programs throughout the school year.

We can’t do it without you. Thank you for your support.